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The Redwood Empire Mastiff Club requires its members to adhere to the following guidelines which constitute its Code of
Ethics. The Club also requires that members, breeders and stud owners not aid or abet the violation of these guidelines by
anyone else. This Code details certain practices necessary to implement the objectives of the Club as outlined in Article I,
Section 3 of its Constitution.  A member or non-member may report substantiated violations of the Code of Ethics to the
Corresponding Secretary of the Redwood Empire Mastiff Club. All such reviews shall remain confidential.

1. I will consider only the betterment of the breed when allowing a mating of Mastiffs, being conscious of controlling and
eliminating inherited problems. A breeder and stud owner shall plan each breeding with the paramount intention of protecting
the breed; and only when he or she is in a position to give proper care to both bitch and offspring.

2. I will not allow a bitch to be bred prior to her third (3rd) season or twentieth (20th) month, which ever comes first; nor shall any
bitch be bred after her seventh (7th) birthday. A bitch will not bred more than once a year unless she does not whelp a litter
(NOTE: A bitch who has lost her pups and suckled another litter will be considered as having whelped a litter) or as part of a
veterinarian’s recommendation for the treatment of pyometra. Any reason, including the above, for a bitch to be bred more than
once a year would need to be stated in writing, along with a licensed veterinarian’s certification of good health, to be received
by the Corresponding Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the mating for the Board’s approval.

3. I will not breed more than (4) litters of puppies in any calendar year. (NOTE: For this purpose “Litter” includes co-ownership,
leasing or possession of another person’s litter for the purpose of sales.)

4. I may use my male at stud without limitations, provided the bitch bred to is not owned or co-owned by any person that would
breed more than four (4) litters a year as described in number 3 above with the paramount intention of protecting the breed;
and being conscious of controlling and eliminating inherited problems.

5. I will keep a five (5) generation pedigree on each litter of Mastiff puppies I breed.

6. I will sell a Mastiff only to a buyer whom I believe to be interested in the betterment of the breed or whose interest would not
be inconsistent therewith.

7. I will not knowingly sell or provide a Mastiff to a pet shop for resale, to a broker or agent for sale, gift or prize.

8. I will furnish a signed registration to transfer with each Mastiff I sell, unless a written agreement is made with the buyer that
such papers will be withheld.

9. I will not release or ship a puppy less than eight (8) weeks of age.

10. I will furnish the buyer with complete instructions for the care of each Mastiff I sell/place. I will supply a record of inoculations
and worming with a veterinarian’s recommended schedule for continuation.

11. I will advise the buyer of each puppy to have a veterinarian’s checkup within seven (7) days of the sale, to determine that
the puppy is healthy. If the veterinarian determines that the puppy is not in good health, I will, upon the puppy’s return, refund
the purchase price or replace the puppy.

12. The breeder will assist the placement of a Mastiff, should a buyer no longer be able to keep a Mastiff the breeder has sold
or previously placed.

13. I will try to instill in anyone who owns a Mastiff that they have a lifelong responsibility to the animals they bring into their
homes as well as the animals they place in other homes.

14. I will try to show good sportsmanship at all times and in all matters relating to Mastiffs. I will maintain the highest degree of
honesty and integrity. I will not knowingly make a misstatement of fact in any serious discussion or advertisement of my Mastiffs,
or the Mastiffs or any other REMC member, that I might have with persons not qualified to judge the facts for themselves.

15. I will report to the Board of Directors of the REMC any mistreatment of Mastiffs or unethical practices by a REMC member.

16. I will not engage in any practices not specifically stated in the Code of Ethics, if the Board of Directors deems the practice,
not in the best interest of the Mastiff Breed or the Redwood Empire Mastiff Club.

I understand that if the Board of Directors of the REMC determines that there is sufficient evidence of a member having violated
any of these specific rules or those objectives implied in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Redwood Empire Mastiff Club, they
may take action which includes but is not limited to: written reprimand, fine, suspension, or expulsion.
Redwood Empire Mastiff Club Code of Ethics
Adopted June 13, 1993
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